How To Use Use Your Greatest Obstacles In Life To Proper You Into Achieving Your Wildest Dreams – Chris Duffin (Ep. 362)

Chris Duffin, Author, Educator, Engineer, and the only man to ever squat and deadlift 1000lbs for reps, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Chris talks about how he faced incredible adversity as a child and overcame homelessness, abuse, and trauma while helping to raise his younger siblings. He talks about how this shaped his mental toughness and inspired him to push his life in areas most others can’t. If you’re wondering how to use your obstacles and adversities in life as a tool for remarkable success, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

• The significance of the eagle and the dragon

• Getting past your own limits in life

• Being homeless for many years as a child

• Making sure you don’t get weak in life, both physically and mentally

• The problems with sharing your goals with the world

• Whether Chris knew he was going to be great at powerlifting

• Squatting 1000 lbs and deadlifting 1000 lbs for reps

• The incredible sensation of squatting 1000 lbs and what this feels like

• Mentally preparing for having half a ton on top of you

• What Chris did differently than other powerlifters

• How he used his brain to compensate for his smaller size compared to other giants

• The importance of proper breathing

• The science behind what happens when we do breathe the right way

• Why almost all shoes are bad for your feet

• How to strengthen your legs and feet and improve your health by not using ordinary shoes

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