#227 - The Vacation Tapes: Falkland Islands

For the past few weeks sport has dominated the airwaves at 5 Live, so Elis James and John Robins got to take a much-needed break from their usual broadcasting schedule. And you know their favourite way to relax? That's right: by creating content for you to enjoy in place of their regular podcast.

In the final episode of this three-part series Elis, John and Producer Dave embark on the journey of a lifetime to a place that none of them have ever visited. So far they've been to somewhere hot, they've been to somewhere lively; but now it's time to send them somewhere a bit colder... And with a geography whiz like Elis James in the travelling party there's no way they could end up in the wrong place! Let's just hope that Postman Dave's big sack of post is big enough to provide them all with ample shelter.