#203 - Midnight Onions, Balmy Abodes and Headlamp Laments

As Elis sat down to present this week’s slightly shorter show he turned to his right to see an empty chair. It’s the place where John Robins would usually sit himself down to broadcast to the nation, but today he was nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, all Elis had to do was turn his head 30 degrees to the left to look at his computer screen to see Johnny JR staring right back at him, ready to battle through 60 minutes of top quality radio.

Yes, due to factors John was unable to be in the studio with Elis and Producer Dave for the show today; but thanks to the power of technology (and sheer will power) he was still able to join in the fun from home. The guys play a makeshift Made Up Game, a football-based law is debated in Petty Parliament, and Dave answers the call of duty… by sharing his emergency scripted intro.