Laughter - Part 5

There's a passage in here that makes the hair on my neck stand up. "There is a logic of the imagination which is not the logic of reason, one which at times is even opposed to the latter,- with which, however, philosophy must reckon." Is there any better distillation of the phenomenon of Brexit, of voting against one's interests, of fake news? And the call for a philosophy which reckons with it - a call still unanswered?

Bergson is very close here, some dozen years before Jung's Psychology of the Unconscious, to talking about a kind of primal structuring of thought which works independently from, and even against, rationality. But in a stroke he broadens the palette, and may as well be talking about semiotics - the theory of signs. Because the dreams that interest Bergson are "dreams that have not been left to the whim of individual fancy, being the dreams dreamt by the whole of society." Dreams dreamt by the whole of society! We need some deep juju to deal with these.

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