Fun: The Tomb Kings

An unofficial history, Part 1. In distant ages, and forgotten realms, a mighty civilization once flourished on the banks of a great river. The people of Nehekhara and their great kings are now a memory… but they are not dead. Not quite. Today, we dive into the lore of a fantasy civilization, inspired by ancient Egypt… Date c.2,500 Before the Imperial Calendar (I.C.) Music by TableTop Audio, Music by Keith Zizza, Music from Pond5, All images copyright Games Workshop, additional images at Art Station (search: Tomb Kings). CHAPTER TIME CODES = Chapter 1 Nehekhara 06:00... Chapter 2 Settra Prince of Khemri 18:10... Chapter 3 Settra the Imperishable 29:50... Chapter 4 The Time of Kings, the Rise of Nagash 48:06... Chapter 5 The Tyranny of Nagash 56:44... Chapter 6 The Creation of the Tomb Kings 1:08:34... Chapter 7 Ancient Egypt Inspirations 1:25:16... Epilogues 1:40:34


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