101: Hapu's Son

Success After Fifty.

In 1470 BCE, King Amunhotep III's closest advisor was already eighty years old. The scribe, overseer and wise man Amunhotep Son of Hapu achieved prominence quite late in life, but he did not waste the opportunity. From a small town in the Delta, to the vast construction sites of Thebes, a royal scribe went to work for his pharaoh, and gained immortality...

Chapter Times:

00:00 History of the Copts intro,

01:08 Episode Intro,

02:25 The Statues of Amunhotep son of Hapu,

05:40 Early Life,

11:25 Rise to Prominence and Sacred Mysteries,

15:13 The Colossi of Memnon,

19:55 The King's Advisor,

24:08 The Sed Festival,

30:45 Conclusion and Epilogue.

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