133: The Heretic King

Erasing a God. Sometime in his reign, Akhenaten initiated a project that has made him infamous. The King’s agents, sculptors and masons travelled throughout the country, visiting major temples and shrines. Their job? Hack away the name and figure of Amun, King of the Gods, wherever they found it. This project is the most controversial of Akhenaten’s reign.Today, we dig into what happened, and why the King did it... Chapter 2 begins at 24:30, Date c.1347 BCE www.egyptianhistorypodcast.com, Music by Keith Zizza www.keithzizza.com, Music by Ancient Lyric bettinajoydeguzman.com, The History of Egypt Podcast is a member of the Agora Podcast Network www.agorapodcastnetwork.com


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