112: Artistic Revolution

Akhenaten (Part 5): Amarna Art.

Around the time of his Sed-Festival, Amunhotep IV introduced a whole new form of artistic representation. Royal imagery was reworked from the ground up, including new proportions, displays and themes. In this episode, we explore the changes to relief and sculpture, and meet the artisans who put pharaoh's vision into practice...

  • Time Period: c.1359 BCE (regnal year 4)
  • King: Amunhotep IV (Nefer-kheperu-Re Wa-en-Re, Imen-Hetep)
  • Queen: Nefertiti (Nefer-neferu-Aten Neferet-Iti)
  • Locations: Thebes (Waset), Aswan (Elephantine).

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Music by Keith Zizza (www.keithzizza.com).

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