“Burt, did you dump Hank’s body?”


“The Dead Will Return!” Adapted by Lance Roger Axt from the story by Al Feldstein.


Burton and Fiona have done away with Fi’s husband, dumping his body in the sea. But the sea keeps giving back…


“The Curse of Harkley Heath” Adapted by Butch D’Ambrosio from the story by Harry Harrison and Wally Wood.


Charles, Sybil, and Edna are the heirs to the Harkley fortune and the Harkley Manor, which is said to have a curse upon it. Care to see it in action?


Starring Kevin Grevioux as the Vault Keeper. Featuring the voices of Brent Askari, Joseph Bearor, Barry Dodd, Moira Driscoll, William Dufris, Emily Grotz, Paul Hodgson, Charlie Marenghi, Christine Marshall, Lisa Muller-Jones, Casey Turner, Marjolaine Whittlesey, and Jonathan Woodward. Directed by William Dufris.


Adapted from issue #13 of “The Vault of Horror”. Visit us at and