“There’s too much weight on the coffin, you’re gonna kill us all!”


“Report from the Grave” Adapted by Lance Roger Axt from the story by Jack Kamen.


11-year-old Willa Lake has to pass a test to join the Vault Keeper’s Club: go to the open grave of Terrible Terry Baum, open his coffin lid and stare into his cold dead face! From there a mystery unfolds…


“Buried Alive!” Adapted by Butch D’Ambrosio from the story by Graham Ingels.


Carnies Sam and Zetala are out to pull a con on a wealthy heiress. Do the words “six feet under” mean anything to you?


Starring Kevin Grevioux as the Vault Keeper. Featuring the voices of Brittany Burke, Hudson Christie, William Dufris, Paul Haley, James Herrera, Jack Kelley, Maiya Koloski, Aidan Lee, Owen Lee, Andrew Lyndlaker, Mike MacKenzie, Owen McAnuff, Denise Poirier, Ryan Strack, Robbie Trowbridge,Ashanti Williams, and Janay Woodruff. Directed by William Dufris. Adapted from issue #15 of “The Vault of Horror”.


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