“John Bennett… a real werewolf?” ON THE SEASON FINALE...


“The Beast of the Full Moon!” Adapted by Lance Roger Axt from the story by Jack Davis.


1921, Hollywood! Fiction meets reality as the crew members of a silent horror film are being killed one by one. See if you can guess which of the players in our little melodrama is really the “Beast of the Full Moon”!


“Voodoo Horror!” Adapted by Butch D’Ambrosio from the story by Jack Kamen.


Dorian Gray has nothing on sleazy businessman George Barker and his voodoo bust, one that takes his deceits and gives them a face. One that absolutely disgusts his new wife Jean…


Starring Kevin Grevioux as the Vault Keeper. Featuring the voices of Brent Askari, Karen Bombaro, Barry Dodd, William Dufris, Paul Haley, James Herrera, Christine Marshall, Denise Poirier, Nic Robes, Casey Turner, Ashanti Williams, Janay Woodruff, and Jonathan Woodward. Directed by William Dufris.


Adapted from issue #17 of “The Vault of Horror”. Visit us at and


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