EP24:Amelia Dimoldenberg

Some players dedicate their entire careers to just one club. John Terry, Ledley King, Paolo Maldini. But some Playaz (see 'Don't Hate The Playaz' [ITV2]) spread themselves across 8, 9, even 10 clubs - that goes with the Playa territory. This playa, Amelia Dimoldenberg, was in every club you can imagine existing, and if you can't imagine it existing, she founded it. With precious sights set on being Vogue editor, Amelia dedicated her youth to making Vogue necklaces, reviewing Vogue articles and destroying her Vogue rivals. This is all while thriving in magazine club and newspaper club too. Her favourite band? S Club 7. We didn't get onto biscuit bars,but we didn't have to - it was left off her famous 'List Of My Favourite Things' because it goes without saying. Unlike warm cozy beds.

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