FETCH QUEST - Ep. 2 - Flea Collar Comedy Tour

The Dogs (and Cat) discover the beauty of the Hidden Valley, infiltrate Faerun's stand-up comedy scene, and make out a little.

This episode contains profanity, violence, sexual content, drug/alcohol use, and animal cruelty.

DM is Will Campos (@willbcampos)

Donut is Matt Arnold (@mattlarnold)

Beignet is Anthony Burch (@anthony_burch)

Cookie is Beth May (@heybethmay)

Mochi is Freddie Wong (@fwong)


Theme song by Maxton Waller

Courtney Thérond is our Content Producer

Ashley Nicollette is our Community Manager

Chad Ellis is our editor

Travis Reaves provides additional editing

Robin Rapp is our transcriber

Martzi Campos is our Game Design Consultant

Cover art by Alex Moore (@notanotheralex)

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