Fit or fat: who cares?

Professor Paul Dolan looks at how we have becoming increasingly polarised in what we do to our bodies. Some of us getting fitter whilst most are getting fatter. The polarisation extends from our own behaviour to the judgements we make. We celebrate the fit and chastise the fat.

Paul speaks to two very different people to find out how they live their lives and how they are judged. Nick Butter is an endurance runner who has run a marathon in every single country in the world. Bruce Sturgell is a plus size model who set up a website for large men. Who is happier? 

Paul also speaks to Jet Sanders, a behavioural scientist from the LSE, about why we judge. As always, he’s joined by his friend Rory Sutherland, vice chair of the advertising agency Ogilvy. 

A Mother Come Quickly Production 

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