Daniel Jeremiah on Stopping the Top QBs and Philly’s QB Problem, Plus Van Lathan on Spencer Rattler and LSU

Russillo shares his thoughts on the often-convoluted question of “Who is the best?” before coming up with an answer (0:53). Then Ryen talks with NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah about changes in the ways he evaluates college QBs, Jalen Hurts’s struggles in the Eagles-Buccaneers game, how NFL teams are preparing to stop mobile QBs, the evolution of the midseason NFL trade, and more (7:58). Next Ryen is joined by The Ringer’s Van Lathan to discuss his obsession with the Netflix show ‘QB1: Beyond the Lights,' and by proxy, Spencer Rattler. They also discuss growing up in Baton Rouge, LSU tailgates, and more (38:27). Finally Ryen answers some listener-submitter Life Advice questions (1:07:34).

Host: Ryen Russillo
Guests: Van Lathan and Daniel Jeremiah
Producers: Kyle Crichton and Steve Ceruti
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