NFTeased for Fun and Profit - GDI 4199

Is Sony’s Gaming Business In Trouble? – DTNS 4199 starts at 13:43

Microsoft earnings are in and we dissect the numbers to see what’s going on with the Redmond company’s operations. Plus Microsoft will launch its public preview of Android Apps for Windows 11 next month and analysts predict the ways Sony’s gaming business could find itself out in the cold.

DTNS 4199 ends at 44:14

NFTeased for Fun and Profit - GDI 4199

Scott has strong thoughts on NFT’s. Should Scott have to buy his own art that was minted by someone else? Where does art, commerce and NFT’s have a chance to succeed? Tom has higher hopes for other uses for NFT’s. Do you want to look for gold, or sell tools to all the people looking for gold?

Starring Tom Merritt, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang, Amos, Joe.

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