Chair Pants - GDI 4198

8K: What Is It Good For Right Now? - DTNS 4198 starts at 14:31

8K is what’s new as 4K becomes the new standard for high-definition displays. But are people ready for it and more importantly interested in it?

DTNS 4198 ends at 46:11

Chair Pants - GDI 4198

Tom got all his hair cut and Owen is not amused. The best jokes are always better with explanations. Have you seen the Husbands explained on TikTok? Do your chairs wear pants? Hang your pants however you want, no shaming. How often do you wash your jeans? Owen thinks it’s always Tom’s fault. The puns must flow.

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, J.J. Owen Stone, Roger Chang, Amos, Joe.

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