222 DWSC LIVE: With Eme Essien

The Drunk Women are casting their minds back to the fantastic double bill of shows they did in Leeds back in October 2022 and now invite you on that trip down memory lane too.

Their first amazing guest was comedian Eme Essien, who opens the show with a story which carries some healthy lessons in fraud prevention, she learnt them for us, on more than one occasion.

The team then get involved in a howling crime case which probably couldn't happen in modern day Norwich and hear from a member of the audience, who would rather DIE than spill one drop of wine - we always find our tribe.

The Drunk Women are LIVE in 2023:

On 21st January, they are in BELFAST as part of the Out to Lunch Festival The Out to Lunch Festival 2023

AND are back with their London Residency in February, March, April, May and June at 21 Soho - for full details go to 21Soho (21-soho.com)

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