154 DRUNK WOMEN LIVE: With Kirsten O'Brien

What's this? The Drunk Women LIVE and unleashed? With an audience???

Hell yeah, the gang are back in the wild and were greeted by a full crowd at the first of their London residencies at The Museum of Comedy!

The first guest to take to the stage was presenter and podcaster, Kirsten O'Brien, who although still damp from being caught in a summer flash storm on her way in, still managed to wow the crowd with her tales of crime-fighting and skills in sleuthing.

The team crack-into a story about a swindler with more ambition than the average grifter, AND we hear from a member of the audience, whose dad probably should feature during DWSC men's month.

It was a great night and you can join in the fun too - just go to museumofcomedy.com for info and tickets.

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