87 An Education With Lizzie Roper

This episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime is an education in SO many ways...we find out that Guernsey produces a very, very special type of rum, that almost every adult male who visited Madame Tussaud's during the early 2000s probably has a photo of themselves being inappropriate with the Kylie waxwork, and that this week's guest, the hilarious Lizzie Roper REALLY knows how to enjoy herself in a reclining chair!

The gang then dive into a crime from history which inspired one of the greatest fictional sleuths of all time and shows that no good ever came of a trip to the woods... to find out more check out Daniel Smith’s book- https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/product/The-Ardlamont-Mystery-by-Daniel-Smith-author/9781782438458

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