71 DRUNK WOMEN LIVE: With Lou Conran

The Drunk Women are BACK and leaving Dry January for someone else to do; after all there's crimes that need solving and they ain't about to do that sober!

This episode was recorded at the fantastic Salford Lowry and the equally fantastic comedian, Lou Conran came along for the ride, proving herself an able member of the force (she pre-loaded with a bottle of prosecco).

Lou kicked things off and detailed the time she was the victim of a theft, a story with a cast of thousands - including a famous actor.

The team solve a case and uncover what has to be the inspiration for the character of Spiderman (probably) and an audience member shares perhaps the most bizarre crime, in which she is an actual suspect - did she do it? Listen to find out.... oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

There will be lots and LOTS of opportunities to see the Drunk Women live throughout 2020, so keep checking drunkwomensolvingcrime.com for updates.

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