34 Natalia Tena, A Murderous Marriage & Badly Lit Porn

In the only episode so far where a mid -record booze run was required, our hosts and their guest - star of Harry Potter & Game of Thrones, Natalia Tena - are brilliantly on-brand and manage to solve a crime, even though none of them could remember doing so the next day.

They manage to crack the case of perhaps the stupidest (that IS a word) crime duo in history, who also manage to turn stomachs with some infantile pet names for each other.... that and the murderous tendencies.

Also guest Natalia shows that this ain't her first crime-solving rodeo and has in fact been in hot pursuit of a perpetrator who stole her phone, engaging help from passers-by.

This may surprise you to know that this was the first record of the evening ....

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