279 DWSC LIVE: With Toby Williams

But, it's not Men's Month, we hear those of you who are listening to this on release in February 2024 cry.... Yes, true, but Toby Williams isn't any old man, he's an actor, writer AND he married and impregnated our very own Hannah George, so it's actually well overdue that we hear from Mr HG himself.And what better occasion for him to grace the stage than when DWSC was live at the Ventnor Fringe, Hannah's home town on the Isle of Wight.As well as Toby confessing some criminal activity that could well see his marriage on the rocks (being 8 years old is NO excuse), the team also delves into a local crime proving that despite its twee image, the Isle of Wight is a hotbed of vice. We finish proceedings by hearing from somebody in the audience about a crime which originates in Taylor's homeland, which distracted her from the urge to climb-up the rigging of the tent at least! 

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