278 The Bones of Spying with Ava Glass

In today's episode, the gals are joined by the fantastic spy-crime writer, Ava Glass, who is behind the brilliant female lead spy books such as The Traitor, The Chase, and Alias Emma.These stories may (or may not?) have been inspired by her real-life encounters with female agents and the insight she gained while working with them.So, as well as finding out which Drunk Woman would make the best spy, Ava also shared a couple of crime stories from her own real life, one of which is proof of the lack of pockets in women's clothes makes us more vulnerable!The team then picks the bones of a true crime case from history, before hearing from a listener and DEFINITELY not making things worse for them.  We also get Taylor, Hannah and Catie's take on the brilliant new Sky series, True Detective: Night Country.True Detective: Night Country | Official Trailer (youtube.com) Tickets are now on sale for the DWSC London residency at their NEW VENUE of The Museum of Comedy - full details and tickets for March, April, May and June shows can be found here - Drunk Women Solving Crime - The UK's hit true crime comedy podcast

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