274 DWSC LIVE: With Rosie Dempsey

It's part two of the DWSC Flo and Joan special, when we welcome 'Joan' aka Rosie Dempsey to the stage and enable her to get some closure on being the subject of two very different crimes, one of which will make you shake with fear at the thought of visiting the Isle of Wight! The team then solve a case which reads more of a map of Hannah's places of residence than it should do and proves that the written word falling into the wrong hands can be way worse than your WhatsApp messages being made public. Lastly, what better way to wrap-up a lovely evening than hearing about the time an audience member was the victim of criminal activity, although this case is proof that sometimes crime DOES pay!BUT this isn’t all! We take a short 5mins in the middle of the episode to find out what our gals would do if they won the lottery, AND they speak to another podcaster about what they might do with this instant wealth. This has a particular interest for Catie, as that podcaster happens to be her husband, Richard Herring, who may, or may not tell her if his numbers should come up (AWKWARD)!

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