273 DWSC LIVE: With Nicola Dempsey

This episode was released in the darkest days of winter, BUT it was actually recorded back in the heady days of summer when Taylor, Catie and Hannah took to the stage for one of their infamous DWSC residency shows in London, in which they achieved the impossible and split apart comedy double act (and real-life sisters) Flo and Joan - aka Nicola and Rosie Dempsey.You can now hear show one of that night, when Nicola (Flo) joined the ladies on stage to recount the time she stood next to a crime, which involved a celebrity friend and saw first-hand how the police reacted to the famous prey.The team then dive straight into a story which has all the hallmarks of a tale you couldn't make up - and will confirm your lack of even the most basic of survival skills.We then hear from an audience member whose crime story is a hard one for anyone to follow and had a sticky start rather than a sticky end.Next week, it's part two of this Flo and Joan double bill, when you'll hear what happened when Rosie Dempsey joined the force, and helped solve a crime which straddles the stomping grounds of our very own Hannah George. 

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