272 MEN'S MONTH: With Kuan-Wen Huang

It's the last of our 'five guys of 23' as Men's Month draws to a close for another year and completing the stellar line up is the incredible comedian Kuan-Wen Huang, who for the first time in DWSC history brought along a side kick, who also happened to be a victim in his crime story, his bear Nounours!Kuan- Wen tells us about the time a would be kidnapper tried to abduct Nounours, but got more than he reckoned for and will probably never again decide he can pick on someone by appearances alone.The team then pick apart the life and times of someone the word 'eccentric' was probably invented for, proving the point that some people just have too much money, and will do anything to get their hands on even more. We finally hear from a listener who can't stress enough how much they spend on vanilla, or that they suspect a ghost of being a thief in their household.Thanks to all our wonderful Men's Month guests of 2023, it's lovely to give them all their big breaks … until next year!!

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