271 MEN'S MONTH: With Les Dennis

Men's Month hits national treasure status this week, as the team were thrilled when actor, comedian, presenter and expert in accents, Les Dennis agreed to come round to Hannah's flat to drink some Malbec and solve a crime, and it turns out, he’s a natural! Les sifted through his top ten of criminal experiences to share with us the time his skills as a performer saved him from a violent encounter, and even managed to ultimately enlist the help of his would-be attackers in finding some lost property. We then hear about a crime, which if it hadn't happened, would make the perfect case for Inspector Clouseau, and a natural accompaniment for Les' Malbec … although we definitely recommend giving the holy grail a rinse out before you pour any wine in. Finally, the team solves a listener crime in which we discover that most cats are either psychic, have IBS, or both! 

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