270 MEN'S MONTH: With Christopher Hall

We're smack bang in the middle of Men's Month 2023 and this edition is a walk down memory lane, when our Drunk Women took the show to a sell-out crowd at the Edinburgh Fringe, only for poor Hannah to be struck down by the dreaded Covid and so, was forced to head home.But, in her place we recruited the finest sub detective in all the land in the form of actor, comedian and super sleuth, Ruth Bratt! By this time, Ruth was very at home in her role on the force and it didn't take this week's guest too long to get to grips with the ways of Taylor and Catie either, as comedian Christopher Hall lit up the stage and got stuck right in with the drinking and solving. Chris started off the show by recounting a time of teenaged rebellion which ultimately cost him a career as a clarinettist and proves he probably couldn't make it as a wrestler. The team then solve a crime which proves that murder is more of a crowd pleaser than the royal family, and a ‘mum look’ can scare the bejesus out of the most hardened criminal. We then hear from a member of the audience with a cautionary tale should you be confronted with someone trained in the way of the samurai. 

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