268 MEN'S MONTH: With Scroobius Pip

It comes around faster and faster every year, doesn't it? Yes, Men's Month is here again and what a way to kick things off, as we welcome the star of hip hop, podcasting and a whole lot more besides, Scroobius Pip!As this was recorded over Zoom, we invited our wonderful Patreons to watch the spectacle, and boy what a sight it was to behold, as Pip, started things off with a duo of crimes that gives us an insight into his incredible taste in art and negotiation skills.We then get to hear about a crime from the past which beggars many questions, including the debate about cows and horses’ ability to bend their knees in both directions.We then hear from one of the watching Patreons about the demise of a local establishment and if having a sticky floor is ever acceptable! If you want to join the gang on their next live Zoom, or get a shout out from Taylor and ad free episodes, just go to Drunk Women Solving Crime | creating Podcasts | Patreon 

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