265 Sirens a Blazing, with Lisa Greenwood

In today's episode, the gang assembled in the hottest room available in London to restore justice and solve some crimes.They weren't sweating it out alone though, as they were joined by actor and writer Lisa Greenwood, who proved to be hot stuff in the detective department.Lisa reveals a web of criminal activity she's been exposed to and can possibly never go to Romford again and should definitely be accompanied if attempting to visit the Kent coast, so she doesn’t get the wrong train and end-up behind bars instead... which is feasible. The team then join forces to solve a misdemeanour from days of yore...whenever that was, Dickens may or may not have been there, but that's not important to the story. We then have a listener tale, which brings streams of pleasure to the group when they manage to solve it - once and for all. 

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