260 DWSC LIVE: With Susie McCabe

This episode marks the midway point of this year’s incredible DWSC Edinburgh Fringe shows, but the elation of the sell-out run was severely tempered when our very own detective Hannah 'Butt Stuff' George had to return home, after contracting Covid!But, as much of a disaster as this was, the show MUST go on, and so, with Hannah's blessing, we ordained a new member of the force, who carried her new burden with aplomb - it's the brilliant, actor, comedian, improvisor, -and now crime solver extraordinaire - Ruth Bratt!The team can't thank Ruth enough for coming on board for the next few eps (and one in Men's Month) and we know you'll love her too (**Hannah who?).Also, making the absence of our favourite Titanic obsessive a little easier, is this week's remarkable guest, the hilarious, Susie McCabe!Susie shares a crime story with us from her own misspent youth, where she was clearly in no fit state to dictate a photofit.The team then solve a crime ‘witch’ would make them worthy of joining any coven in the land, and lastly we hear from a member of the audience, who confirms all our suspicions about archaeologists are definitely true. **Clearly a joke, there is a Hannah shaped hole in all the

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episodes she's not in - and being in the pregnant state she is at the time ofwriting, that hole is of considerable size.

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