254 Strawpedo & Sweats with Chloe Petts

The gals are back in the studio for this rip roaring edition of Drunk Women Solving Crime, most of the rip, and a good deal of the roar, being supplied by this week's sublime guest, comedian Chloe Petts! Although this was recorded on the sweatiest day on record (probably) in London Town, that didn't stop Chloe from stawpedoing a Smirnoff Ice right before we pressed record ... no mean feat considering we didn't really have a straw.Chloe was then revved-up enough to share with us a biting tale of childhood forensics and a teacher who surely missed their vocation in law enforcement?We then get involved with a story which stinks in more ways than one, before solving a crime which left a listener feeling more than a little short changed. 

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