253 DWSC LIVE: With Jordan Gray

Hooray! It's another fantastic DWSC residency show, featuring the fabulous comedian, Jordan Gray... AND more than a few mentions of the wonderful audience member from the last episode (featuring Rachel Fairborn), the one and only Bram!If you listen to the episodes in order, then you'll know that Bram provided last week's audience crime, and this week's lovely audience member,and their crime, is just as legendary and also perhaps the best 'sorry I'm late for school' excuse EVER!As always though, our guest kicks things off and it would appear school days trauma is a running theme, as Jordan shares the time she was victim of a childhood sting, which we wouldn't be surprised if it still stung today TBH.This week's main case gives us some insight about what it was like to be the first female detective on the force, and you'll be surprised to hear that she wasn't given an easy ride by her male colleagues I know, weird!
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