252 DWSC LIVE: With Rachel Fairburn (again)

This week's episode, recorded at the DWSC London residency, welcomes a return guest in the shape and form of comedian (and one half of All Killa No Filla) Rachel Fairburn!And what a joy it was to see her again, as she shared with us some life incidences, which although may not be classed as crimes, absolutely should be!Such grievances should be reported to someone who sits in the middle of mother and the police and the team worked out just who this very particular keeper of the peace is, you'll be relived to know.The gang also got to the bottom of a 'budget X-Files' case in which a girl seemingly disappears from the face of the earth AND we find out which coma is best, as one kind clearly outranks the other.Then, we hear from a member of the audience, who for reasons which will become clear, must surely be show mascot from now on - Bram, we salute you, never change!

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