244 Gabby Bryan Packs-Up Her Trunk

In today's episode, Hannah once again brings the fold-out table into the lounge for the team to gather around, so they can get to the bottom of a crime, and a bottle or two of wine.Joining them in the merriment, all the way from the U.S of A, is comedian and first aider extraordinaire, Gabby Bryan! Gabby comes with a plethora of stories, ranging from saving lives, to escaping unwitting passage to Eastern Europe, making it clear that you want her, and her friend Alex around in times of crisis.The team then solve a trunk-sized case, which may or may not have connections with the Titanic, although as far as Hannah is concerned, we're never more than six degrees away from something to do with that boat!Lastly, we hear from a listener who although was definitely the victim of a crime, perhaps the sickest thing about it is the burrrrn at the end - just EPIC. 
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