241 Robyn Wilder Keeps the Meter Running

This episode serves as a time machine to the heady days of December 2022, as the ladies were joined by writer Robyn Wilder on a live zoom to have a bevvy or two and solve some crimes!As this episode is being released in the spring of 2023, we can all look back fondly at the follies of our youth, as the trusty Patreons looked on and joined in on the live chat - see how you can be involved on our next live zooms by visiting Drunk Women Solving Crime | creating Podcasts | PatreonRobyn opened the show with a duo of crimes which only show her helpful nature in a favourable light - after all, as a wise person once said, 'why be a b*stard, if you can be nice?' - or words to that effect.The team on the panel and at home, then set about cracking a case with a cast of thousands, and not one sensible name between them.Finally, one of the eager watchers had their crime solved in real time by the detectives .... or at least they didn't make it worse... well, much worse anyway.

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