239 DWSC LIVE: With Fatiha El Ghorri

The gang are back at their London residency at 21Soho and joining them for the ride is the newest detective on the block, the hilarious, Fatiha El Ghorri!Fathia joins us fresh from her win at this year's Leicester Comedy Festival and starts things off in award winning style when she recounts coming a cropper thanks to an overzealous neighbour and lack of olive oil...We then dive into a crime which will 'insure' some detective skills are on display and finally, we hear from a member of the audience, whose late night chicken nugget craving meant she was in the right place, at the wrong time.AND, by happy coincidence, the day this episode is released - 19th April 2023 - just so happens to be our wonderful guest's birthday! Many happy returns Fatiha from all the team and fans at Drunk Women Solving Crime! 

Next live zoom for Patreons, 3rd May 2023, with special guest Scroobius Pip - patreon.com/drunkwomensolvingcrimeThe Drunk Women are LIVE in 2023, at their London Residency in , April, May and June at 21 Soho - for full details go to 21Soho (21-soho.com)AND at this year's Edinburgh Fringe from 4th - 13th August 2023 - Drunk Women Solving Crime | Comedy | Edinburgh Festival Fringe (edfringe.com)

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