238 Posey Mehta & The Tottenham Outrage

What happens on a live zoom call clearly doesn't stay on a live zoom call when the Drunk Women are involved, exhibit A, ladies and gentlemen...The team decided to invite their closest friends - or Patreons as they are otherwise known - to watch the mayhem unfold with this week's wonderful guest, comedian and writer, Posey Mehta!Fun fact, Taylor, Hannah and Catie shared a dressing room with Posey at last year's Edinburgh Fringe and until this zoom call had NEVER seen her when she wasn't dressed as a gorilla, including full face make-up, and it would appear that any woman who goes out in public, dressed as a gorilla is just asking to be sexually harassed, as you'll hear.We then get fully involved in a crime caper, which although serious in nature, has farcical over AND undertones, the likes of which would never be seen in present day Tottenham* - or ANYWHERE for that matter.And finally, one of the Patreons got to have their crime 'solved' in real time, to find out how you can do the same, go to www.patreon.com/drunkwomensolvingcrime to see how you can attend the next live zoom on May 3rd!

*An area in North London, which has been 'up and coming' for the past 25 years.

Next live zoom for Patreons, 3rd May 2023, with special guest Scroobius Pip - patreon.com/drunkwomensolvingcrimeThe Drunk Women are LIVE in 2023, at their London Residency in , April, May and June at 21 Soho - for full details go to 21Soho (21-soho.com)AND at this year's Edinburgh Fringe from 4th - 13th August 2023 - Drunk Women Solving Crime | Comedy | Edinburgh Festival Fringe (edfringe.com)

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