237 DWSC LIVE: With Daisy Earl

Back at their London residency , the Drunk Women welcome brilliant comedian Daisy Earl to the force, who shared a story in which one could argue 3 perps played a part... the criminal themselves, the police and Daisy's own mum... we'll let you be the judge, but in our opinion NO ONE should be chip shamed!Once Daisy recounted her ordeal to the baying crowd, the gals then knuckle down to a crime with real star quality - AND some epic A-Lister gossip courtesy of our very own Taylor -although for the full story, you really had to be there, so come to a live show to really get your teeth into things, details below.Plus, as always we hear from a lovely listener, and if this lady actually thought her story was 'too boring' to tell, I dread to think what she would deem as an exciting night out!

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