232 DWSC LIVE: With Heidi Regan

The gang are back on stage in London for their first residency of 2023 in their brand new home of 21Soho!

And what a night to remember it was, although if you're this week's guest detective Heidi Regan, you'll probably have to listen back to this to confirm you were there.

Heidi started off proceedings by recounting the times her less than sharp powers of recall have aided and abetted criminal activity, almost always to the detriment of those who happen to be out with her.

The team, along with the packed-out audience then crack a historical case, which features some names regular listeners will be very familiar with.

Finally, we hear from a member of the audience who tells the kind of inflated story which could give you nightmares if you listen before bed... you have been warned.

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