225 DWSC LIVE : With Priya Hall

This week's episode takes us all to a chaotic night with the wonderful people of Bristol, when the Drunk Women did a live show there in late 2022.

What a joy it is to relive that night, which proved to be as lively as the audience, and the corks that popped!

Joining the force is the hilarious comedian Priya Hall, who opens with a story involving the most considerate burglar in the business, before the team rustle-up some theories about some peculiar goings on in a one-horse town.

As always, we hear at the end from a member of the audience, whose own story of criminal activity has the force of a sledge hammer....

The Drunk Women are LIVE in 2023:

On 21st January, they are in BELFAST as part of the Out to Lunch Festival The Out to Lunch Festival 2023

AND are back with their London Residency in February, March, April, May and June at 21 Soho - for full details go to 21Soho (21-soho.com)

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