220 DWSC LIVE: With Harriet Dyer

We're back in Liverpool for the second show of a lively double bill, and joining Catie, Taylor and Hannah on the stage after an adventurous interval is the incredible, comedian Harriet Dyer!

As well as having one of the very best plans for vengeance you would have EVER heard, Harriet also entertains us with a crime which isn't dissimilar to common nightmare, but at least she can laugh at it now!

The gang then get to grips with crime involving an unscrupulous landlord, hard to believe such a thing exists, I know!

Then, lastly we hear from a member of the audience who may be familiar to some, although this time her story doesn't take place in Centre Parcs...

You can watch the Drunk Women record an episode LIVE over Zoom on Thursday 15th December 2022 at 8pm GMT for details go to Patreon.com/DrunkWomenSolvingCrime

AND you can see them in BELFAST on Sunday 22nd January 2023 at the Out To Lunch Festival!

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