215: MEN'S MONTH: With Nick Helm

The Men's Month parade continues, as Taylor, Catie and Hannah welcome 'friend of the pod' comedian Nick Helm to the force!

Nick starts proceedings by sharing the time he encountered a criminal act and now as a result at least knows what he will say in such circumstances...and more importantly what pitch the word will come out.

The team then get their hands dirty with a story which you may want to not accompany with a chocolate cake, in fact it's changed Nick forever, we really should check on him.

Then, finally we hear from a listener, who has been rabbiting on about a case for years, let's hope the gang can finally solve it!

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and then back in LONDON for their Christmas show at Leicester Square Theatre.

AND you can see them in BELFAST on Sunday 22nd January 2023 at the Out To Lunch Festival!

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