214: MEN'S MONTH: With Bilal Zafar

It's that time again, yes, it's the Drunk Women Solving Crime MEN'S MONTH!

And November 2022 has FIVE Wednesdays, so we have FIVE, yes count them, FIVE men to add to the DWSC force, and kicking things off for this epic season is the Brillant comic Bilal Zafar!

We recorded with Bilal waaaaay back in the heady days of the Edinburgh Fringe, where he was also performing is incredible show 'Care'.

Bilal started things off with a story of childhood theft, which may or may not have put his own parents in the frame, and then joined the rest of the crew in solving a crime which has been a plot device in a legendary comedy film and is also a lesson in how to do your crimeing 'right'.

As always, we finish the show by hearing from a member of the audience, this one however got the memo wrong and CONFESSED to a crime she perpetrated that day...we'll let it slide this once, but guys, it's NOT what we asked ...she still got the prosecco though - CHEERS!

in BRISTOL, they are at The Hen and Chicken on 24th November

in BIRMINGHAM, they are at The Glee on 25th November

in SALFORD, they are at The Lowry on 26th November

and then back in LONDON for their Christmas show at Leicester Square Theatre.

AND you can see them in BELFAST on Sunday 22nd January 2023 at the Out To Lunch Festival!

And you can also support them on Patreon where you'll find ad free episodes, prior access to some records, invites to live zooms and shout outs! patreon.com/drunkwomensolvingcrime

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