211 Jenny Collier: One Shady Lady

Nestled safely in their own homes after their hectic sell out run in Edinburgh, the Drunk Women welcome comedian Jenny Collier to the Zoom call, but they are not alone, because watching them - also nestled at home - is an audience of heroic Patreons, who were invited to see just how the sausage is made.

And what a sausage it was, as we got to hear about the time Jenny was peeped at by a perp who only droned on at her when confronted.

And then, the gang pick through a historical cold case set in what's said to be Britain's oldest pub - spoiler alert, this place's Airbnb score would be lower than a snake's belly - NO STARS!

And finally, we hear from a member of our at home audience who recounts a crime that still needs solving, despite it happening during infant school!

Taylor, Hannah and Catie will be appearing all over the UK in Autumn 2022:

in BRISTOL, they are at The Hen and Chicken on 24th November

in BIRMINGHAM, they are at The Glee on 25th November

in SALFORD, they are at The Lowry on 26th November

and then back in LONDON for their Christmas show at Leicester Square Theatre.

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