187 DWSC LIVE: With Abigail Burdess

Recorded at their rockin' London Residency, the Drunk Women appeared before a sold-out audience to bring their unique brand of tipsy traversing through crimes past, and joining them in this endeavour is comedian and writer, Abigail Burdess!

Abigail's story of injustice from her school days will have the militants amongst you rising-up, to match our guest's beaming example of morality.

The group then get involved with a crime which features an overachiever, who probably should have either stuck to his first career, or had some therapy, or maybe done both of these things... but then, we wouldn't have had this BRILLIANT story to look into, so swings n' roundabouts...

We then hear from a lovely audience member who retells the story of an absolute wrong'un who hacked into and then blocked her from her Insta accounts, seemingly with no reason other than to cause distress ... leaving the Drunk Women Thirsty for justice (and prosecco).

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