186 Beth Morrey & The Floating Floor

After an unplanned one week hiatus (see below for details), the team have burst back into podland to bring you this fun-filled afternoon spent with the brilliant author Beth Morrey!

Before everyone knuckled down to solve a case which will have the gentrified inhabitants of a particular London borough wondering if this could affect their house prices, Beth recounted a time she barely noticed she was victim of a crime (although the story was particularly triggering for one member of the DWSC team, see below).

We then hear a listener story at the end of the show, in which the criminals involved certainly made a meal of their misdemeanour!

Come and see the Drunk Women at their London Residency and you can also watch them from home when they do their next two Zoom records on May 5th and May 18th!

For full details go to: drunkwomensolvingcrime.com



Hello lovely listeners, Producer Amanda here. 

I'm writing this exactly one week after I came home to find my flat burgled and have since been processing the loss of those irreplaceable items given to me by people no longer here for me to hug.

But, all the support I received from far and wide really has been a huge help, not least the understanding from DWSC fans that we were unable to put out last week's episode, after my laptop was one of the casualties of the robbery.

I was so touched at how fully everyone embraced our famed #FemaleWorkplace along with Hannah, Taylor & Catie, whom I'm lucky enough not to just call colleagues, but three of my very best friends, in fact they were among the first people I turned to when I arrived home that day and they of course showed me the love and support I have received from them countless times since I was lucky enough to start my working relationship with them (I'm still waiting for them to solve it though, maybe it could be a future case).

I've also been so touched at the kindness and understanding from the DWSC family of listeners, patreons and past guests, who have reached out to offer me support - one guy even received a twitter ban for expressing his disgust at my perpetrator - it would appear chivalry is very much alive in our gang, and that we are part of a very special tribe.... which you'll NEVER leave, UNDERSTAND?!

We'll be back with a bang this Wednesday with a fantastic episode featuring the brilliant Beth Morrey, which is well and truly worth the wait. 

Once again, all my love and thanks for your patience and if you join us on a live Zoom, or theatre show (dates to be announced SOON) I'll show my gratitude by doing a reverse strip tease for you on an individual basis, I'll start off fully clothed, but will slowly add more layers, whilst dancing to 90s R&B and maintaining eye contact throughout ...it'll be a lot of fun. 

Producer Amanda Xx 

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