144 Vix Leyton & The Cliff-Hanger

This week's episode sees Taylor, Hannah and Catie welcome a guest, who has been on the force since the very start, it's comedian and honorary Drunk Woman, Vix Leyton! 

Vix gets us going with a couple of tales that every female who happens to be listening will be all too familiar with, plus we hear about what has to be the WORST opening line to a date EVER. We are then taken on a gripping journey of a crime, which although seems to happen mostly in the pub, also has to be the very epitome of the term cliff-hanger.

The listener crime then takes us to Canada to help find a missing phone. 

The Drunk Women are on the verge of a VERY exciting announcement, so keep watching this space - but if you want to know what all the excitement is before the rest of the world, then sign-up to their Patreon page patreon.com/drunkwomensolvingcrime - where you can sign-up for extra content, videos, and shout-outs! 


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