108 Sarah Keyworth: Here With Bells-On

Just like moths to a flame, you can’t keep the Drunk Women away from a bottle of fizz, or a crime that needs solving, and joining them to bump their head into that beautiful light, is comedian, podcaster and absolute trooper, Sarah Keyworth.

Things get-off to a showbizzy start, when Sarah recounts a crime which *could* have been the result of mistaken identity, or due to Mariah Carey living a far more unassuming life than we give her credit for.

The gang then hunker-down to a case which I think we can all agree will make us eternally grateful for modern medicine…when was the last time a physician stuck their finger in your ear by way of diagnosis? We’re guessing never.

Then, as ever we get to hear from a listener whose crime is solved unanimously and completely – you’re welcome.

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